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When your anger seems to take on a life of its own, you need help controlling and managing it. At Spectrum Behavioral Health LLC, compassionate clinicians offer personalized anger management in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, office, as well as phone and video sessions to help their patients learn new skills that better their lives and release the burden of overpowering anger. Call the office or book your appointment using online scheduling now.

Anger Management Q & A

What is anger management?


Anger management is the process of feeling anger, recognizing its intensity, and taking steps to better manage those negative feelings. 


Anger is more than an emotion; it can cause biological changes like an increased heart rate, spike in blood pressure, and surging “energy” hormones. Expressing your anger in an explosive way is harmful to others, and internalizing your anger is harmful to you. 


Anger management helps you learn how to respond to anger and express your feelings in a healthy way, without hurting yourself or others. 

Who needs anger management?


Anger management can be helpful to anyone who struggles with anger. Both children and adults experience anger problems. Some signs that you might need anger management are:


  • Feeling angry most or much of the time
  • Angry outbursts that you can’t control
  • Aggression toward others
  • Long-lasting anger
  • Anger that’s out of proportion to the situation
  • Frequently blaming others for your anger
  • Passive aggressive behavior


Adults who struggle with anger often have relationship difficulties and experience frequent conflicts with their co-workers and family. Children who struggle with anger often experience difficulties in school, at home, and in social settings. 

What does anger management consist of?


At Spectrum Behavioral Health LLC, anger management includes personalized mental health care that guides you to a healthier place. The experienced clinicians possess extensive training and specialized skills in many areas that help patients of all ages better cope with their anger. 


Through therapy modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, you can learn how to:


  • Recognize anger triggers
  • Identify angry outbursts before they happen
  • Learn when to remove yourself from an upsetting situation
  • Implement strategies to disrupt angry outbursts
  • Develop new problem-solving skills
  • Improve communication skills


Anger management isn’t about robbing you of your ability to express yourself. It focuses more on helping you express yourself in non-harmful ways, at the appropriate times, and in a way that won’t cause problems in your life. 


If you feel like anger is a sleeping beast that could awaken at any time, it’s important to know that it’s something you can control. Anger management can help you and the people you love be happier and healthier. 


To learn more, call Spectrum Behavioral Health LLC, or click the online booking feature now.